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Melville and Moby Dick

Reference Books - The first place to begin your research

Excellent sources for basic information on
Melville (1819-1891) and Moby Dick

  • Nineteenth-Century Literary Criticism Ref. PN 761 .N5
  • 1,300 Critical Evaluations of Selected Novels and Plays Ref. PN 44 .M31
  • Survey of Contemporary Literature Ref. PN 44 .M34 1977
  • The Oxford Companion to American Literature Ref. PS 21 .H3 1995
  • Concise Dictionary of American Literary Biography Ref. PS 129 .C66
  • Major Characters in American Fiction Ref. PS 374 .C43 M35 1994
  • Masterplots Ref. PN 44 .M33
  • The Critical Temper Ref. PR 83 .C764 includes criticism of British and American literature from its beginnings up to the 20th century